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At P-6 Farms processing a steer or two every year for our family to enjoy has been a constant for many years.  After years of “should we/shouldn’t we” and lots of “would you please” from family & friends, we are thrilled to make our beef available to your family as well.

Grown right here in the fertile pastures of P-6 Farms, our beef is free range pasture fed, grain finished and dry-aged.  No implants, antibiotics, and hormones are used, it’s all natural.  After the dry-aging process our meat is USDA inspected, cut, vacuumed cryo packed and flash-frozen to assure a year’s worth of flavor and freshness.

We offer a variety of delicious meat cuts including half and whole purchases when available. Our careful process of breeding and pasture feeding produces a savory flavor that you won’t find in your supermarkets’ meat selection.

In the past year, we have added our farm raised pork to our assortment of meats.  There are a variety of cuts ranging from bacon, delicious pan sausage, pork chops…you name it!

We invite you and encourage you to invest in our truly outstanding and unique beef and pork experience!  Taste the difference…we do!

The Pooles


 Meat Cuts Available:

Currently out of stock as of 1/1/17

Rib Eye – $17.99 lb (1″ thick – 2 per pkg)
T-Bone – $15.99 lb (1″ thick – 2 per pkg)
Sirloin – $11.59 lb (1″ thick – 1 per pkg)
Roast – $7.19 lb (5 lb approx.)
Chili – $6.49 (avg 1.3 lb pkg)
Stew Meat – $6.49 lb (1″x1″: square cut)
Ground Beef – $6.49 lb (avg 1.3 lb pkg)
Flat Iron Steak – $9.89 lb
Cutlets – $7.99 lb (tenderized twice cube steak)
Fajitas – $8.19 lb (tenderized flank steak)


Updated 8/17/16

* while supplies last
* all meat prices are per pound
* meat prices subject to change


Pasture raised pork 

Pork Cutlets – $6.99 lb
Pork Chops – $6.99 lb
Pork Shoulder Roast – $5.79 lb
Pan Sausage – $6.49 lb
Spare Ribs – $5.99 lb
Country Style Ribs – $6.99 lb
Link Sausage – $6.99 lb
Lean Bacon – $9.59 lb