Field Trips

 2017 Summer Blackberry Field Trips

Now booking through June
Tuesdays – Fridays 


MISD daycare bus


Cost is $6 (plus tax if applicable) per student.
School administrators, teachers, teachers aides, student teachers, and bus drivers are FREE!

Price valid on field trip days only and no discounts allowed.  Reservations are required for all field trips.

What’s included on a field trip for students?

  • Berry Pickin’ (if berries are available- STUDENTS ONLY)
  • Duck races
  • Double tube slide
  • Roller slides
  • Poole’s Peak (dirt mountain)
  • Tether-ball
  • Rat rollers
  • Tire mountain
  • Picnic tables in the courtyard

Hours: 9:30 am ~ 12:30 pm

Refund Policy: P-6 Farms will not refund for student no-shows.  Make sure you have a current student enrollment when making a reservation for your school.  Payment is due the morning of your visit for the number of students present.

Parents/siblings (3+) $6.50 - does not include berries.  If available, parents can purchase a picking bucket when checking in and may pick along with their student.  Parents are required to come back to the store directly after picking to purchase the berries picked.

All groups must have at least 30 students to qualify.

 *** The concession stand is NOT open during the week ***



Farm ~ 936-597-6062
Email ~



Book now for the best selection of dates.  All school tours must have confirmed reservations before attending the farm.    CONTACT US to begin the reservation process today!